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Public voting is now open

It's your turn to pick the Public Choice award winner! Browse 'RebootHack 2020' submission gallery, click on your favorite, and vote. Be sure to spread the word via your social networks, too! +1+1

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If you have any questions about…

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23 days ago

Ölgerðin Challenge

How will tech make sale and manufacturing at Ölgerðin more sustainable?

Ölgerðin is both a highly developed and progressive manufacturing company, and a determined sales and marketing organisation. We are in partnership with leading global suppliers.  All of our suppliers have one thing in common - they are leaders in their fields, or they have the potential to become the best. New ways to grow the business and achieve greater productivity are constantly sought by doing things better and sooner than others.

  • Sustainability: How will the environmental factor affect the development of the supply chain? How can technology be used…

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23 days ago

Listaháskóli Íslands Challenge

How can design, art and technology battle climate change?

We stand at a critical juncture in time.

Life on Earth will be completely transformed in the next years and decades if nothing is done to battle the climate crisis caused by humans.

Climate catastrophe is considered humanity’s greatest challenge and the future outlook of people, animals, nature and ecosystems hangs in the balance.

How could design and art with the help of technology affect individuals, institutions and corporations when it comes to battling the climate crisis, build awareness on climate change, affect the way we live and increase social responsibility?

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23 days ago

KPMG Challenge

The future of trust in business

The world is changing rapidly and so does the business environment.

Technology spurs quality and financial and nonfinancial data provided insight.

Emerging technologies and the 4th industrial revolution will have significant effect on the assurance landscape.

How will the company of the future fulfil its regulatory and stakeholder obligations and how will 3rd party assurance service evolve?

From financial statement and VAT reporting, to customer satisfaction, the challenge to meet the increased regulatory compliance and customer demands is ever challenging.

We want you to help us to determine how the assurance service of the…

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23 days ago

AwareGO Challenge

Organized cyber criminals are after companies. How do we create security awareness among employees?

Companies and civilians lost billions due to cyber crimes last year, mostly due to elaborate email scams.

Security awareness training for employees can be tricky because people aren’t really interested in cyber security, they think it’s the IT department’s problem or they fully put their trust in anti-virus software and firewalls.

Cyber criminals seek out weak links by hacking people and when they succeed, traditional anti-virus software and firewalls won’t help.

We are looking for methods to make security awareness interesting and memorable.

How can we…

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23 days ago

Byggðastofnun Challenge

Jobs without specified location

One of the projects of the strategic regional plan for the period 2018 - 2024 is to ensure that 10% of all advertised jobs at ministries and their institutions shall be without specified location by the year 2024, meaning that residence has no influence on ministry staff selection.

How can we make the non-capital area of Iceland a feasible place for young and educated people to live and work in?
Please keep both social and technical factors in mind when solving the challenge.

Main objective:

How can we make the non-capital area of Iceland a feasible…

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23 days ago

Auður Challenge

Gamification of Savings

Saving is something we all need to focus on, but we may find it difficult as it is often much easier to spend than save.

It can be a challenge to find the will power to continue the habit of saving especially when you are on a budget.

How can the elements of gaming like challenges and competition be used to gamify savings and encourage individuals to achieve their savings goals and make it fun at the same time?


Judging criteria:

  • We are looking for solutions that are original and fun but at the same time…

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23 days ago

Vörður Challenge

How will insurance services look like in the future?

Insurance provides the peace of mind knowing that if something happens you are covered.

Evolution into the digital world is happening fast and the financial sector is already on its way automating services for the benefit of the customer.

The evolution of it is still in progress but what do you see happening?

How do we meet the customer needs on their terms and through the medium they choose when claims happens or when buying insurance?

How do we make sure our customers have the right level of coverage at the…

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23 days ago

Origo Challenge

Boosting employee happiness with technology

Employee satisfaction can be measured in countless ways and can often be highly dependent on the employee. Some might prefer a relaxed work environment while others strive for maximum productivity and time management.

Some jobs have strict restrictions – Truck drivers must make their deliveries on time and must be alert at the wheel; students must complete tasks like achieving a minimum passing grade, write a thesis and defend it.

How can we leverage technology to increase job satisfaction?


Judging criteria:

  • Scope (the impact of your solution)
  • Ambition
  • Feasibility